Keepsake Quilting Made Easy
Step by Step Instructions and Graphic Tutorials

Keepsake quilting introduces you to traditional quilting techniques in the twenty-first century. 

We will share with you the proper steps that will allow you to build a quilt top in the right order, using the right tools, and no matter if you are a beginner with little experience or just need to refresh your knowledge.

Growing up, a needle, thread, thimble, and scissors were all the tools needed. Today, modern technology adds a wealth of useful time and labor saving goodies that makes keepsake quilting easy. We show you how.

It's true; you don't have to be an artist to be a quilter. You do have to know how a quilting pattern comes together and we plan to introduce you to each step...but you have to look through each page to learn.

This twisted star becomes real easy once you master how to join the points in the center panel. The border is really simple to make.

The fun part of making a keepsake quilt is learning all the techniques. The know-how is transferable from pattern to pattern.

Once the quilt top is finished we introduce you to the finishing steps such as making the quilting sandwich and then adding the borders, binding and yes even quilting the sandwich together. There's something about this challenge that swells the soul!

Keepsake Quilting Patterns

When it comes time for you to quilt your project, be sure to browse through the machine quilting patterns and the continuous line quilting patterns featured on this site.

At the moment this may seem like an impossible task but you soon will be selecting the perfect stitching patterns to compliment your quilt top.

Quilting Sampler

You'll quickly learn how to mix and match different rulers to make stitching designs as shown here in our stitching sampler.

I suspect you are attracted to keepsake quilts because they revel in exquisite designs that date back to your parents, grandparents and beyond.

The art of quilting started in America when the first settlers arrived in the new world seeking to piece together a new life for themselves and their families.

Once you become a quilter, you will appreciate a craft that has evolved over time. First, out of necessity in order to keep warm and then became a form of art that hangs on walls, hand-made gifts for the newest member of the family and yes even sharing your talents in the form of a pay back of appreciation for many, many causes.

Visit the Quilts of Valor Foundation and see how you can help our wounded warriors. Show your support to our veterans with a beautiful quilt.

It is our pledge to support everyone that gets involved through our web site for the QOV Foundation. We will publish your write-up and your photo of any shop owner, organization, or individual, that contributes a QOV quilt to a wounded warrior.

We will also support feed-back from the soldier telling their story along with their picture(s) if they wish.

For quilters there seems to be an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, building friendships, developing skills, and even sharing freebies and quilting tips. Once a project is finished it is fun to boast and display your accomplishments. You'll see!That is why we enjoy sharing freebies and quilting tips in our monthly newsletter. In every issue you will discover techniques, patterns and lots more. Go ahead and give us your e-mail address and we will include you in our next mailing. You're sure to find interesting tips and how-to information.

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Quilts of Valor

Click image below
for a full view.

Civil War Quilt Patterns

Quilt Designed by Alice

Recipient of QOV
Afghanistan War Veteran
Thanks for Your Sacrifice

Machine Quilting Service

Machine Quilting Designs

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quote by Alice

Digitized Motifs

Machine Quilting Patterns

Find fun digitized motifs in our great selection of many machine quilting patterns.

Digitized Line Patterns

Digitized Quilting Designs

Try one of our Continuous Line Digitized Quilting Designs

Quilting Tidbits

Find Keepsake Quilts


Nothing more than small pieces of fabric sewn together to form an image.

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Alice, your quilts, to say the least, are a big hit; A HUGE HIT. My mother-in-law, Jeff's mom, was just floored, astounded, and delighted. I took all three quilts for my 67-year-old mother and almost 91-year-old grandmother to look at, both of whom have quilted before, and they were blown away.

They are particularly picky people, too. My grandmother kept saying, "I have never seen anything like this! She knows her stuff!” She even wanted me to take pictures of them to show the family at Easter. They are gorgeous and just so wonderful. That said, I think I am going to ask you to make ONE MORE QUILT for me. Thank you so much again. Website looks wonderful.

I am going to post the pictures on my FB this week along with your website info so people can contact you if they want a quilt too. I know I won't be the only one that will want one! 

Thanks Again, Kim

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Quilt Backing

Quilt Borders

Quilt Batting

Binding a Quilt

Mitered Corners

How to Hang a Quilt


I bought the pattern from you for the Alec's Civil War quilt and it is coming along great. But I have 1 question, did you quilt through the screen printed soldier pictures or just quilted around them. Thank You,

I saw on the yahoo group that you are going to post the pattern.  Thanks!!!  I really like your patterns.  I have already printed out a couple of them.
Mary Susan

This is like being in a candy shop for me. I love quilting, hand quilting that is, and I have looked every were for paterns and designs. Please send me a catalog or a way to order templates etc...Ruby

I am a beginning quilter and find your site great!
 Ken, Ontario

Thanks for a great website. Looking forward to the other Sunbonnet and Sam patterns. My youngest grandson is named Sam so that is my next quilt!
Helen, Georgia

Need Ideas for that Quilt Top?
Let Us Show you a Few!

Click the image...

easy quilt patterns


Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful review and recommendation of our Universal Thread Holder and 'Easy Winder' bobbin winder. It is sew nice to be accepted and acknowledged by the Pro's in this industry.
Thanks again.
John, Florida

Deborah writes:
Love the patterns, thank you so much!

Love your site! So informative! Rosalyn, South Carolina

I find your web site to be very informative...Thanks, Kristi

Need help with the Back of your Quilt?

Click the image
to find the answer...

American patchwork and quilting


Gee, you really do answer all questions.  The 8-point star pattern is great with very little hassles.  Wish you had it sized for a full size bed.  Sharon, Ohio

Judy from Tennessee says "I really enjoyed viewing your site and learned so much! Will definitely return to learn more.
Thank you for all the 'freebies'

Freda here, WOW! your site is a pleasure to browse through.  Great tips...Keep them coming!


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How do I bind a quilt?

How do I get your FREE patterns?

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Have your patterns been tested for accuracy?

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