Here's Why We Love the OttLite

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OttLite Rating: Rated 5 Stars

Price: $29.99 - $89.99 (watch for sales)

Warranty: 2-yr limited warranty

Designer: Dr. John Nash Ott

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Dr John Nash Ott developed the first Lite while working for the Walt Disney Company.

It was his job to help transform the ordinary pumpkin into Cinderella’s magical carriage. He did this by inventing the Ottlite!

This lite is relatively a new technology that we quilters have grabbed on to.

This discovery gives you the best of both lighting worlds...keeps the eye muscles from squinting due to a bright, glaring light and you no longer lose the color fidelity.

In the quilting world you may have two colors similar in value that require you to make a judgment call in order to get it right.

It is difficult to see true colors and also spot the subtle differences in the various shades and tints. The Lite is perfect for this.

When quilting I can make the OttLite shine right where I need it.

Since the lite is portable, I use it in nearly every room of the house.

The right lite makes sewing possible no matter the room lighting that you may have to deal with.

Even black on black is manageable...for a short time!

Pros & Cons for the OttLite


  • Portable fold-up design with automatic on/off.
  • Includes energy efficient 13wHD tube rated to last up to 10,000 hours.
  • Simulates natural light.
  • Great for jewelry making, scrapbooking, painting and best of all Quilting and sewing.
  • Reading is easier, seeing is more comfortable, colors are vibrant and details are incredibly clear.
  • Alleviate the eye strain when lap quilting.
  • Have light, will travel.


  • A very small amount of Mercury is used in any fluorescent tube. About the size of a period at the end of this sentence.
  • If you happen to drop a bulb you must sweep (NOT vacuum) up the area with a broom, wearing rubber gloves; then wipe up the area with a disposable moist cloth.
  • Dispose of ALL cleaning materials, including the rubber gloves into a plastic bag, secure it with a knot or tie and treat as normal household trash.
  • Also dispose of burnt out bulbs as normal household trash without breaking the bulb apart.

The Verdict:

  • I Love Love Love it! There is no comparison with the incandescent bulb. An 18 watt OttLite bulb has an approximate light output comparable to a 75 watt incandescent bulb which is what I use in most of my lighting fixtures.
  • One is at my side whenever working with my homemade quilts. Cheaper to operate, too! What is holding you back; get one today!

Click To Get Your hands On The Portable OttLite!

Mercury is the catalyst of the fluorescent lighting process. They all contain some mercury because it is a conductor and thus an essential part.

It is similar to water and salt. Pure water is a poor conductor of electricity. Add salt and it becomes a good conductor.

In the same manner mercury in a fluorescent tube is like salt in water.

The fluorescent tube is filled with an inert gas, which does not conduct, but add a little mercury and it will conduct electricity.

Even all neon lights contain a very small amount of mercury.

As a kid I accidentally dropped and broke a very expensive thermometer used to measure body temperatures.

I was fascinated with making the small drop of mercury break apart just by touching it. It would break into several drops and then join back together again to become a whole...all without any help from me.

I never understood why mercury reacted this way and was a bit curious. I later learned in my chemistry class that this was a very foolish thing to go.

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