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We quilters know to be careful with fusable web around a hot iron and ironing table. Even your small mini iron takes a beating when it comes to fusable web...

Pressing Sheet Rating: Rated 5 Stars

Price: $14.99 (watch for sales)

Warranty: 5-yr guarantee

Purchase: From Bear Thread Designs

Where to Purchase: Amazon.com

...that is until now. The Pressing Sheet solves the problem of a ruined ironing board or gunk on the bottom of your iron.

No more iron-off to clean the bottom of irons; burned fingers trying to hold small pattern pieces in place; or distorted images caused by shifting alignment before heat is applied.

As seen on TV, this is the one and only solution for working with fusible web. The product can also be used as:

1. Pressing Cloth

2. Painting Palette

3. Baking sheet

4. Great for kids crafts

5. Craft sheet for hot glue

6. Best of all it is great for assembling quilting designs

The Applique Pressing Sheet comes in a generous size and perfect for most quilting designs. The cloth is 13" by 17" flexible sheet of high-temperature woven glass coated with non-stick Polylon. It is double-sided, heat-tolerant and transparent.

 Pros and Cons for Applique Pressing Sheet


  • Allows you to assemble all the applique quilting pieces before applying to background.
  • Your pattern lays face up on the ironing board with the transparent applique pressing cloth on top of the pattern.
  • Then you add/press your cut out fusible web backed pieces of fabric on top of the applique pressing cloth following the outline of the visible pattern; much like matching pieces of a puzzle together.
  • After all the pattern pieces are in place and anchored with heat to the cloth, you peel the entire design from the cloth and place it to the background fabric, ready to applique around the edges.
  • What could be easier?


  • The applique pressing cloth gets very hot to the touch when it is pressed so there is a cooling down period before you dare to touch...doesn't take long, oh!
  • It is hard to find but I have the perfect solution to that problem...I show you how easy it is to order direct from the manufacturer.

The Verdict:

  • This product is a part of my arsenal that makes quilting a pleasure! I give it a thumbs up...I own two! One for my traveling sewing basket and one for my sewing room.

Click To Get Your hands On The Pressing Sheet!

The longer you have this product the more ways you will figure out how to use it.

It can be used as a pressing cloth.

Try placing it over a photo transfer that you may have on a favorite t-shirt.

Takes the worry away of overheating the fabric and distorting the picture.

Since you can peel hot glue off, once it cools down, the pressing cloth becomes a very handy protector when working with wax, clay, rubber stamping or embossing.

You can use the applique pressing sheet in your oven as a baking sheet. However, butter from cookies won't mix well with cloth the next time you need it for applique.

So you will need to stick with things like shrink-art, clays, and salt dough when using it as a baking sheet.

Rolling it up doesn't keep it from laying flat the next time you want to use it so you could store it rolled up in a drawer.

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