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Applique Quilt Patterns

Classic unusual applique quilt patterns are known as a dignified formal technique and a bit on the fancy side. Surprisingly, applique does not use an exact science and each pattern is unique.

Pomegranate Applique Pattern

In its simplest form, an applique pattern is an overlay design which uses multiple pieces of fabric fused to a base fabric and embellished with decorative threads, beads, sequins, cords and yarns couched onto or around the design called a motif.

applique pattern

This classic applique pomegranate quilting motif design was done by a sister who took a "Best Hand Quilting, Bed Quilt" award in the early 80's at the Ohio State Fair. Applique quilts like this were often semi-original applique patterns created by the maker. Look close at the quilting which is in part why the quilt is beautiful. Simply lovely, don't you think?

We have a few of her Machine Quilting Patterns... take a look!

While this classic design is not a beginner pattern but rather rated as 'challenging'. But you can do it because most likely you were a sewer before you dreamed of learning to quilt!

An Applique Quilt Pattern

applique pattern

Applique quilt patterns are thought by many to be advanced and difficult. But actually, they are very forgiving. A slight misalignment only adds to their beauty.

We all know how beautiful stained glass windows are. But do we know how easy a colorful stained glass applique quilt pattern can be?

You simply arrange bits of fabrics to form a mosaic pattern, which can be either realistic or abstract. A good place to look for ideas is by actually viewing the beautiful windows in various older buildings such as churches, museums, turn of the century homes and even government buildings.

Stained glass applique quilt patterns can be purchased at most quilting stores. Or,if you are like me, you can even draw your own design. Hanging your finished quilting motifs in your windows is a lot cheaper than actual stained glass.

Once you figure out how to overlap the various shapes and how to place the accurately on the background fabric you are well on your way.

Applique quilting can be designed for hand or machine applique and both are quite effective. No matter which method you choose, any pattern is easily adaptable…take a few minutes to learn the basics by visiting our how to applique page and learn how easy it is to position and layer designs. Once you learn how layering shapes creates beautiful dimension try the technique on your warm sweatshirts or jackets.

 Click the link below to try your hand with this beautiful stained glass full size quilt.

This book will show you how to foundation piece with the finished top looking like stain glass blocks.

Individual squares can be hung in your windows and let the sun shine through.

Garden Stars: Paper Pieced Stained Glass

Wild Rose Mourning Quilt

This wall hanging by Terry Thompson is a good example of an easy applique quilt pattern. The design dates back to the Civil War era so you will want to choose fabrics that are associated with that period of our history.

applique quilting

The Wild Rose is perfect for a beginner with its simplistic squares and large applique quilting pieces.

As a beginner, avoid patterns with small pieces and real small curlicues...not good for those of us who are just venturing out!

Avoid designs with pointed peaks and deep valleys; and avoid slightly rounded off sharp curves and deep curves in the beginning.

Instead, go for that country style heart with rounded lines.

When choosing applique quilt designs remember applique quilting is a forgiving art, not an exact science.

For your first applique quilt pattern just make sure the technique is easy. 

applique quilting

Folk art is just that!

A spontaneous and creative design used mostly with primitive hand applique stitches.

The style did not lend itself to perfect shapes nor is it a sophisticated art.

The quirky designs give the applique quilt their 'folksy' look that adapts well to kids clothing as well as wall hangings, table runners and even sweat shirts that are abundant in my closet.

Because Folk art applique lends itself to being haphazard, it's fast! It's easy! and it's well loved!

Use your old wool coats, cotton flannel or felt to create Folk art designs when choosing an applique pattern.

applique quilting

Celtic applique is all about making bias tubes.

Lots of tools are available to help you transform the task of making bias tubing amazingly fast and simple.

There are a couple of ways to construct bias tubes.

You can cut the bias strips, or turn to our applique supplies page to learn how to use a bias press bar.

Grapevine Suncatcher

Grapevine Victorian Purple Horizontal Art Stained Glass Panel Wall Hanging Suncatcher 10 x 42

Click the above link to own this beautiful Stain Glass Panel!




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