Art and Stitch

Just exactly what is Art and Stitch...

Well, are you an experienced designer, a novice designer or just stumbled upon a great idea that maybe you can create beautiful designs using computerized software?

I just recently became a certified teach for Art & Stitch. This powerful, user friendly software is a must experience and they make it possible for you to try the software free of charge with no time limit.

I can honestly recommend it for beginners. This is the perfect software for designing all your art quilts.

 " ...Kudos to Loes and Theo van der Heijden

Quilting / design software for longarm quilters and machine embroiderers...

Art and Stitch Software

One program, one learning curve, two versions:

Art n' Stitch BASE: Design software for longarm quilters.

Art n' Stitch PLUS: Design software for machine embroiderers (and longarm quilters).  Creating your own embroidery designs, logos, and personalize linens and garments with your own imagination becomes a snap with the built-in embroidery tools. You will find functions not seen in any other embroidery program!

With the computerized software you can draw your own quilt and embroidery designs from scratch, or trace a background image, turn that vector artwork into quilt patterns for your longarm system or into designs for your embroidery machine, you can edit existing patterns (quilt patterns, but also embroidery designs), and you can setup full quilt layouts too. 

Art & Stitch is 5 programs in one:

1.  Vector based drawing

2.  Digitizing

3.  Editing / Customizing

4.  Conversion

5.  Layout Software

All in One

Everything you need in one program...

Create perfect quality vector artwork, assign stitches and save in all major longarm quilt systems or in all major embroidery machine formats.

Use open motif fills as an alternative for stippling, or apply your own Creative Fills.

All drawing, editing and stitch tools you need to create stunning art quilts or embroidery designs.  AnS includes a library of over 300 beautiful designs.

Vector drawing tools:  Freehand sketch, Line, Curve, Bezier, 3pt Arc & edit points/anchors by selecting and moving them.

Draw from scratch or trace an image.

Fill shapes with motifs, crosshatching, stipple, wave fills and use fills around a design also.

Creative fills can be found in the Library.

Trapunto effects made easy.

Create applique designs with a mouse click.

Crazy patchwork. Over 300 motifs included and you can create your own too.

Save in computerized longarm formatsDXF, ABM Innova PAT, CompuQuilter CQP, HQ Pro HQF, IntelliQuilter IQP, PC Quilter TXT, QBot PLT, SideSaddle SSD, StatlerStitcher QLI.

Save in embroidery machine formats:  Brother Babylock Bernina PES, Elna/Janome/Kenmore SE, Janome/Elna JEF, Melco/Bernina EXP, Pfaff PCS, Singer XXX, Tajima DST, Viking SHV, HUS, Viking/Pfaff VIP, VP3.

Powerful editing and customizing:  Open, merge, edit, tweak...

Special offer of Art and Stitch Base Version is US$ 990.  Art and Stitch PLUS Version is US $1790.00.  Click here for the order page.

Art Quilting with Ease

User Guide to 'learn how'  included in Art & Stitch and is accessible via menu HELP.

Many tutorial movies getting you up to speed in no time.

Special addendums written by Art & Stitch teachers available to learn how to be creative using the software.

A program that will truly trigger your imagination...

Art & Stitch is for you!  Just so you know upgrades are FREE...

If you have not already purchased Art & Stitch, you may do so here!

Before you buy, we encourage you to try it before you buy. The trial version gives you access to ALL Art and Stitch features, including the manual and written /video tutorials.  Please test drive to see if this is what you have been waiting for...You can learn, design, create, and layout a whole quilt but remember you CANNOT save your work until you purchase.  You can load the trial version on your laptop, home computer and tablet...learn while you travel!

Alice's Special Technique is 'Ease of Quilting an Appliqued Quilt Top'.  She describes how to add a background fill around an applique, fill inside an object, how to take accurate photos for designing, and more.  All this can be found in the new release of Art and Stitch Version 3.  Her addendum is under Art and Stitch Academy > Certified Teachers >  Addendum #14 (or follow the link) to download the pdf file.

After you have tried the trial version please remember to come back here to order! 

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Click on the links below to view what Alice has digitized!

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Christmas Quilt Patterns

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Machine Quilting Designs

Easy Quilt Patterns

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