Cute Baby Quilt Patterns

These cute baby quilt patterns are quick and easy to make even if you're a beginner quilter using pre-stamped fabric and easy quilting stitches. The key is to make adorable baby gifts for all the new arrivals in your life.

Handmade gifts add that extra special touch of emotion and sentiment to gift giving. Quilts are often passed down to future generations, so the time you invest in making one of our cute baby quilt pattern is sure to be appreciated for years to come.

Four Free Baby Quilt Patterns


Baby Pinwheel

Quilt Pattern


Baby Duck

Quilt Pattern


Roly Poly

Quilt Pattern


Baby Fish

Quilt Pattern

Party Time

Digital Pattern

Baby Duck

Digital Pattern

Goofy Elephant

Digital Pattern

Sea Creatures

Digital Pattern

Popular Baby Quilt Patterns and Handmade Gifts

baby quilt pattern
applique quilt patterns
applique quilt patterns

Nine-Patch Baby Quilt Pattern

Sue and Farmer Joe Baby Quilt Pattern

My Easter Basket Baby Quilt Pattern 

Baby Shoe Loops

Digital Pattern

Feathers All Over

Digital Pattern

Helium Balloons

Digital Pattern

Easy Quilted Baby Pacifier Blanket

Take a look at our "How To" Video for a Binky Quilt...

The final result... Oh, so cute AND functional!

What could be better than a small baby blanket with an attached binky surrounded by a silky edge.

Editor's Tips:

  • When you make a baby quilt be sure to take lots of pictures to reminisce about later.
  • Sharing the pictures in later years when thinking back about the blessed event will be priceless.
  • Choosing baby quilt patterns that are quick and easy often centers around using a pre-stamped piece of quilting fabric which we'll show you where and how to find.
easy quilts

Baby Quilts using quilting panels (also called pre-stamped fabric) are easy quilts to make.

Any handmade gift will be cherished for generations... or until it falls apart from loving it to death! Whichever comes first. 

Quilt Ideas for Babies and Beyond

Delight a young princess with a special design of her own. Make the fire engine roar for the little man in your family.

What could be any easier than using pre-stamped quilting panels? There are many to choose from but let me warn you the turnover is fast. Once the bolts have been sold generally there is no more to be bought:

kids quilts
  • Dick and Jane 
  • Walt Disney characters 
  • Sam and Sun Bonnet Sue 
  • Noah's Ark 
  • Dogs and Cats 
  • Fire Engines 
  • Race cars 
  • The options are many; this is only a few.

Using Pre-stamped Fabric In Baby Quilt Patterns

This simple quilt uses fussy cut squares of fabric that measure between  6 inch to 10 inch and is perfect for  pre-stamped fabric whether it be Walt Disney characters, Noah's Ark, loud roaring fire engines, dogs and cats that fight all the time or Sam and Sunbonnet Sue. 

The disadvantage is that you are limited to fabric that is currently available or popular on the current market. 

Since this pattern was designed using EQ7 software you can use the pattern over and over with any popular trending fabric. 

We used Sam and Sunbonnet Sue for our choice as it was a popular print last year. But you can use Christmas fabric or better yet, let the little one help in the selection of their favorite pre-stamped panels.

Example of a pre-stamped fabric

baby quilting

When downloading this FREE twin size pattern you will find the necessary instructions, templates, fabric requirements and a picture to complete this quilt.

Pre-stamped fabric is a one of a kind piece of material and is usually gone forever once the bolt is sold.  But, keep in mind that any pre-stamped blocks can be substituted for this why not try making this same freebie using "Christmas pre-stamped fabric"  for a Christmas in July Quilt...

Remember Christmas pre-stamped material will be gone once the current supply is sold!  So check your local quilt shop NOW and make a Christmas quilt for the new baby to arrive in December...

A Little Quilt History

When selecting the right coverlet, crib blanket, or baby quilt pattern it is fascinating to know a little about the history of quilting. Did you know...

  • For the pioneer family the threads that held then together included God, Home and Country.
  • Childbirth fulfilled a woman's duty toward God (according to the Bible).
  • Children, once past the infant stage, were thought of as miniature adults assuming their chores for the home.
  • Miniature adults matured to carry on the responsibility of populating the land and country.
  • Most likely a quilt was related to the 'place' children occupied within the family.
  • The quilt's purpose provided warmth for the new infant.
  • Emotions like tenderness or nostalgia also assumed their place when choosing a baby quilt pattern for a new born.
  • The small size fit the small bed where the small infant slept.

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