Free QOV
Pillowcase Instructions

To download the free QOV pillowcase instructions, you will need the latest version of Adobe Reader to open and read this PDF file.

You will need Adobe Reader to download the quilting instructions by simply clicking here.

Free QOV Pillowcase Instructions
and a Matching Tote Bag


You will also find the free QOV pillowcase instructions that can also serve as a matching tote bag in which to ship your QOV quilt to a random wounded veteran.

It will also serve as a fabric wrapping in which to place the QOV quilt. All that is needed is a ribbon for your gift and a card.

You'll also get access to more mini-books, like Lone Star 8-point Markup, Amish Basic Block, Civil War Quilt Patterns, Baby Duck Pattern and more!

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We are also proud of a growing collection of additional Easy Quilt Patterns that we create using the EQ7 software. All of our patterns come with the necessary instructions, templates, fabric requirements and a picture to complete any of the projects. They are available at a nominal cost.

Please come back and share your success story whether it is making this quilt or using any of the other quilt designs or mini books.

You can even post your picture in the gallery for others to rant and rave about. Whenever I work hard on a quilt I always like to share it and you will too!


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