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Don't you think it funny that hand quilting frames only come in a round shape? I ask, "why work on a square quilt using a round hoop?" For eons hand quilting has been done just this way.

Today, we have a choice. The Squared QuiltingHoop is an all-wood square quilting hoop on a completely adjustable floor stand.

The simple to adjust system allows you to work in any position and folds flat for easy storage. It comes in three sizes: 14inch, 18inch and a 24inch.

Pros and Cons for the GraceHoop


This square hoop is attached to an all-adjustable stand with an arm and ball swivel.

The easy-to-adjust features allow you to tailor-fit the unit to fit your individual height, reach and quilting position.

All fabrics have a grain line that runs straight, not round. It only makes sense that it lends itself naturally to square-hoop quilting and makes it much easier for you to achieve good, even tension on all sides. The hoop will not allow you to pull the design on the diagonal...I call this the whopperjawed look.

The outer hoop rests on the lip of the inner hoop to prevent the outer hoop from falling completely on the floor.

The adjustable arm has 8 different heights which allows you to advance up to 44 inches and as low as 29 inches. You can literally quilt standing, sitting on the floor, or any height in between - you can even quilt in bed!

The stand has two holes to accomodate a lamp and a magnifying glass, if desired or needed.


You can apply a good bit of tension on the adjusting screws in order to hold your settings good and tight but, of course, this is limited to your hand strength. You may need a rubber hand mit in order to give everything an extra tug.

The Verdict:

If you typically do a lot of hand stitching then you will want to try this invention. Square-hoop quilting is a matter of logic. For years we have known that a square hoop would be more ideal for holding fabric than a round one. Give it a try!

If you typically need a lot of help smoothing out your sewing stitches this particular quilt product delivers on almost every end. I give this quilt product a five-star rating!

What The QuiltingHoop can do:

The Square Hoop come in three sizes. You'll want to own all three.

The square hoop is free standing. The GraceHoop can accommodate up to 8 different heights for added comfort when quilting.

The Hoop is based on new engineering and high-tech wood joinery.

The outer hoop has adjustable openings in two corners instead of one to adjust for the thickness of the fabric.

Straight edges make positioning and repositioning fabric simpler, and it is much easier to keep track of your work areas.

The arm that holds the hoop can pivot away from you by loosening a single knob.

You can move it out of the way or closer toward you as you work.

There is an area for holding notions such as thread and scissors. Now the right quilting tool is easy to reach.

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