Learn to Quilt...Develop a Callous

Did you knowhand quilting requires you to learn to quilt by mastering the small metal shield that is worn on your "pushing finger"?

This small tool never seems to feel totally comfortable so how can it befriend a beginner quilting student?

Hand quilting is difficult and painful without a thimble on the middle finger of your sewing hand.

beginner quilting

For hand quilters, young and old, using quilting accessories such as a thimble keeps the needle from digging into your fingertip when used properly.

When you learn to quilt finding the right thimble requires some trial and error and the tuning out of opinion!

If you want to Learn to quilt it will be just like any other skill, you will develop your own style once you familiarize yourself with the procedures.

Go ahead, develop a callous if that is what works for you at the beginner quilting level.

But it will be a little painful until the callous gets seasoned...no bleeding on the quilt is allowed!

Remember, if you do a cotton ball and a little rubbing alcohol you will fix the bleeding problem.

Free Baby Pinwheel Pattern

The art of Quilting allows you to learn as you go. Start by selecting an easy quilting pattern that you like and that fits a goal you have in mind.

The stronger the goal, the more apt you will be to finish the quilt.

baby quilt pattern

Select our baby quilting pinwheel pattern that was designed for beginners.

While learning How to Make a Quilt you will better understand what Quilt Batting is best for your quilt and how to avoid the dreaded seams for the Quilt Backing.

The pattern above is nothing other than half square triangles and super easy to make!

It also is a perfect fit for a new born which has the "built in goal" of wanting to finish in time for the event to happen.

Learn to Quilt Without Glaring Mistakes

quilting accessories

Did you knowa color wheel will help you avoid glaring mistakes when learning to quilt?

Basic quilting accessories includes a color wheel. You will want to familiarize yourself with the mixing and matching of colors when learning to quilt.

Techniques that seem to be nothing more than a 'aha' moment for seasoned quilters may take beginners a bit of time for learning how various quilting accessories work.

Knowing that colors appear to advance or recede is the most powerful information quilters can possess.

When you embrace the color wheel you can make the colors do what you want them to do simply by making the right choice.

Learn to Quilt With the Right Size Seam

beginner quilting

Did you know…a quilting foot performs a particular function. Most sewing machines are designed to sew a simple straight quarter-inch seam and comes with a quarter inch seam plate that has a very small hole designed especially for piecing a quilt and quilting a quilt.

When you first learn to quilt always test to make sure your seam is an accurate quarter inch seam. This is a very important habit to form.

A zigzag plate that comes with a wide, oblong needle hole (intended for zigzag stitching) is not suited for quilting?

It lets the needle push the fabric down into the throat plate as you stitch which will result in distorted stitches.

Calculators That Talk Back

quilting tool

Did you know…making a quilt involves a lot of math calculations?

A 'FabricCalc' calculator was designed just for quilters to do all the heavy math for them.

Just like quilting rulers this hand held calculator was created by an avid  quilter who saw a need for such a  quilting accessory.

It is programmed for every quilt calculation that you might need when making a quilt...astonishing quilt magic!

Quilters tend to be very visual folks who don’t necessarily like anything that is too high-tech. Unless, of course, you learn to quilt at the hands of your mother or grandmother...some fathers too.

By going to the  'Fabric Calc' web site you can watch the 12-minute video which is done in a folksy and warm manner just for us quilters.

View it as many times as you like until you get a feel for this powerful quilting accessory.

A Light Box That Shows Quilters the Way

learn to quilt

Did you know…you can build a light box cheap… without any tools what-so-ever?

A Light Box is a necessary hand tool used to trace a quilting design on dark fabric or a busy print.

A commercial grade box can run upward of one hundred dollars but actually you can make one yourself with items, most likely found in your sewing room.

Quilting Accessories that are of the homemade variety sometimes can be had at the right price and on demand.

By toning down the light you should be able to see both the pattern and the lines very clearly.

All that is left is to trace all lines on your pattern and disassemble the light box in order to return it to it's original purpose.

Lap Quilting Hoops
Make Cozy Quilting Tools

quuilting hoops

Did you know…a small lap hoop solves the problem of quilting backwards or away from you?

When possible always quilt toward yourself. The entire quilt can be turned to stitch in any direction with a hoop.

When using a hand quilting frame (also called a 2-rail roller frame) you don't have that luxury.

When choosing a quilting hoop be sure you know what features to look for.

No rough wood, splinters or protruding staples as this can snag delicate fabrics.

Comfort is important so be sure you can reach your supporting arm around the hoop without straining.

It should be light enough to comfortably quilt without fatigue.

Quilting hoops are different than embroidery hoops. Don't confuse these two quilting accessories. Learn which hoop is the right choice.

More Quilting Tools

mat cutting tools

Did you know... some quilting tools can be dependent on other quilting tools.

The cutting mat, the rotary cutter and the quilting rulers all three work together.

Mat cutting tools are diminished in worth without their counterparts.

The three tools are like the three bears or like three peas in a pod; always, always, inseparable!

The three quilting tools are nearly non-functional apart. But as a unit they have become essential tools for many.

Did you know... there are scissors and there are shears both of which are basic quilting tools for the sewing room.

Did you know... that cutting paper with your good scissors does not hurt them? Know why? Both paper and textiles (fabric) has a substance called cellulose.

You will not damage any knife-edge scissors by cutting any form of paper. This does not mean you can cut cardboard or plastic. Leave that job for a utility knife;

Crochet Hooks are a
Distant Cousin to Quilting Accessories

Did you know…a cat’s claw can cause great heart ache with a crocheted afghan?

This kind of a lap cover is far more delicate and may require grandma's rocking chair to remain off-limits...definitely not suited for the pets or small children!

For those of us who have mastered the art of crocheting, a hand made crocheted cover can make a stunning image!

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