Log Cabin Quilt 

The Log cabin quilt is a good choice for beginners using beginning quilting techniques. 

Why?  because the quilt is easy to piece by hand or by machine and it uses a square in the very center around which all the other strips of fabric are added. 

The log cabin became the corner stone on which many of the other quilt ideas evolved since the pioneer days.

It is a symbol of the clever and persistence in attitude that a troubled nation needed coming our of the Second World War. 

Read this page for content then advance to Log Cabin Quilt Pattern.

Log Cabin Quilt

log cabin quilt

This  log cabin quilt is another Easy Quilt Pattern that forms a center panel just by the placement of the block.  

The strips of fabric are cut or torn in long strips and then snipped to size as the block is built.  Don't worry, we give you everything you need to know in our FREE Log Cabin Quilt Pattern  right here.

The arrangement of the logs can be manipulated into an astonishing variety of designs simply by the way the fabric strips are laid.  The idea is to make one block and repeat it over and over till you have enough blocks to cover your bed.

Fabric for a Log Cabin Quilt

If this is your first time at picking fabrics we recommend that you consider using the colors we assembled for you.  

A good quality of fabric for quilting is essential. After all, if you are going to spend your time quilting you want a show piece when finished.

We will use the traditional light and dark arrangement in our choice of fabrics.

The order of the light and dark arrangement is what determines the pattern of the finished quilt top.

The strips of fabric can be either cut using a rotary cutter or torn once the fabric has been squared up.  You know how to do that...clip the selvage and tear straight across the width of material.

A log cabin block pivots around two groups of colors, one light and one dark.

There should be a contrast between the light and the dark with each group having a dramatic color difference.

For example, say you are using tan for the light color.  Pick a very light tan with a very light print background, a medium light print and a dark light print (you'll need a total of  four tans). This is what we call color intensity; slight variation in light tans.

Choosing the right fabric for quilting is half of the game...it is a very important function when learning to quilt.

Choose three to four different color intensity for your dark group of fabric. The lights should have all the same color values and the group of dark-strips should have their same color values.

Note: color intensity and color values have different meanings.

We explain in great detail about color wheels Quilting Accessories.

How To Figure Quilt Size

quilt sizes

How many blocks does it take for a queen size  Quilt? 

Start by measuring the length and width of the mattress top. Divide the length and width by the size of your square to get an estimate of how many blocks you will need for the top only.

If you plan to use a dust ruffle include a 12-inch drop on both sides and the bottom of the quilt. 

For quilts that cover the box spring, include a 16-inch drop on the sides and bottom.

In this case the quilt does not reach the floor, but it covers the mattress and box spring, making a dust ruffle unnecessary.

Generally the blocks cover the flat surface of the mattress with the first border framing the mattress. The remaining borders hang over the sides of the bed.

If you tuck the quilt under the pillows, add an extra 10-inches for pillow tuck. This is not necessary if you use pillow shams or coordinating pillow cases. 

When I consider the amount of time I've spent making a bed over the years I knew it was a smart decision for me not to tuck. 

Feel free to clip and save this chart on quilt sizes for a full, queen and king mattress. Glue it on a 3x5 card and keep it handy by your sewing machine.

A Log Cabin Quilt is Made
From the Center Out

With a log cabin block the center square should be a solid color found in most of the other dark prints.

However, since it represents the fire in the hearth it should have dark red tones if possible.

It is important that the final light strip and the final dark strip should compliment each other.  It is also important that these two flow from one to the other in order to bring closure to the square.

If you have trouble with matching colors just be sure all strips are attractive when laid beside each other...maybe pick up on a color that is in the dominate strip.

Here is a great all-time tip.  On the selvage edges of most fabric, manufacturers print a color code that contains all the color values in that particular piece of fabric.

Why not use the same code to select a perfect match when putting together your choice of light and dark?

We have lots of great Quilting Tips that takes the guess work out of making a Log Cabin Quilt!

Once you have the right fabric choices, along with our FREE Log Cabin Quilt Pattern it is possible to make a quilt in a day! just like Eleanor Burns promises. If you don't know who Eleanor is, Google the name.

Using this method to construct the log cabin block, you will divide each block into two triangular sections with one half being dark fabrics and the other half in light fabrics.

By manipulating the final placement of the blocks once you have them all constructed, it is possible to create dramatic and different visual effects.

By using your design wall it is easy to stick and peel the blocks to get the effect you want. If you don't have a Design Wall click here for instructions to make one!

Feather Border Great for any Quilt

If you are intrigued by a Log Cabin Quilt and ready to quilt your top we have a few suggestions.

First, the quilting pattern below is designed for a long arm quilting machine. Feathers make an excellent pattern for most quilts and most like the looks of feathers.

If you are a beginner you can find people that quilt for a living. If you do not feel you are ready, just yet, to tackle this arduous task, look for someone that will do it for you!

Why? because your first or early quilt will be a crown jewel forever near and dear to your heart! You simply will not see any bloopers. After all it is your first creation.

Next, Alice has tested this quilting pattern and it sews out very nicely. Most quilting shops either know of someone that has the right equipment to quilt tops or we would be glad to give you a quote at machine quilting service

Last, Be sure and visit the FREE Log Cabin Quilt Pattern on how to master a Log Cabin Quilt. There is enough information that will enable you to start and finish this quilt.


Is it feathers you like.  Try our digitized Feather border shown to the left (ab2017) with an edge to edge design (ab2022) in the center of your Log Cabin Masterpiece.

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