Longarm Quilting Patterns

Longarm quilting patterns are used when quilting by hand, and by those who use longarm quilting machines.

I was there back in 1989 when a quilt won “Best of Show” at the Paducah Kentucky quilt bonanza. They told me that the quilt was stitched with a sewing machine;

…are you kidding me; the same kind that I use to make my dresses?

I had to experience this longarm as they were calling it. I even had to verify what they were calling a 16 to 18 inch throat. The extra few inches were necessary to accommodate the bulk of your quilt.

 To make things worst my 5/8-inch seams when I sewed a blouse had perfect tension for a perfect stitch.  No pulling or shoving was necessary because there was a set of “feed dogs” located right under the presser foot.

 Now they want me to lower the feed dogs on the machine and float the quilt with my hands as if to be coming down from a high, the stitches looked like it too!  I have to tell you oh that I have never been on a high!

No doubt about it, it beats the long grueling hours and hours of hand quilting and a fast way to reduce that closet full of un-quilted quilts.

There is a bit of a learning curve in using the longarm and it is a bit tricky to master. Plus you have to be willing to defend your pricing, if necessary, for your time and artistic talents.

 Most quilters are willing to give up a few green backs for a quilted quilt if not before then immediately after they try the longarm for the first time.

Learning Free Motion Quilting the Easy Way!

The best solution for Free Motion Quilting is Practice! Practice! Practice!

The more time you devote to doodling the more relaxed you will be when it is time to actually quilt a top.  Our video above is an excellent tutorial on getting started...

The first thing I did was to buy a Quartet Magnetic Dry-Erase Board for practicing...I needed something that I could erase over and over and save the forest (so to speak)...

After getting the feel of drawing teardrops on my dry erase board I was ready for the Big Guys...I was amazed of how easy it was once I actually tried quilting on my Long-arm Quilting Machine using practice fabric.  BTY, these practice quilts make wonderful blankets for the puppies at your local humane society for small critters...Your neighborhood pets will love you.

 Longarm Quilting Patterns

If you don't have a longarm frame you may want to learn how to load the old fashion 2-Rail Roller Frame. We have a Free 2-Rail Roller Frame mini book that shows you how.

No matter, if you are a hand quilter or a machine quilter or one that will seek a professional to quilt your tops, you have to decide on a longarm quilting pattern that will compliment the top. At first this can be one of the tougher decisions in making a quilt.

There are hundreds of Great Books on learning 'How To'...here are just a few I have at my side all the time when I am relaxing and just doodling!

Beginner’s Guide to Free-Motion Quilting:
Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters:
Doodle Quilting: Continuous-Line Machine-Quilting Designs

You may want to consider a professional quilter that has lots of patterns to choose from. Ask for recommendations and maybe even look at a quilt that has been completed using a longarm quilting pattern.

As one that quilts for others, (DBA Quilting by ab) when I’m asked to make a professional decision, I get excited because this allows me to express some really great work using longarm quilting patterns, machine quilting patterns, or continuous line quilting patterns. Let me share a few more secrets when choosing a longarm quilting pattern!

Better Homes and Gardens: Complete Guide to Quilting
Full-Size Patterns for Blocks and Borders

To get started, I hang the quilt on my Design Wall, study the top and think about what attributes the top and quilting pattern have in common.

Most of the time a quilting pattern will just POP in an hour, in a few days; in a week; but, POP, it will. I am patient; I don't like to rush this process.

Other times I will walk past it and shazam! I wonder why I didn’t see it earlier. If this happens, capture the moment. Stressing is the wrong thing to do.

The right quilting idea simply happens for those of us that have a love for quilting! You will get to this point too. Feel free to contact us by using the Contact Us page.


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Easy Quilt Patterns

Longarm Quilting Patterns by Alice

Here, take a look at a few longarm quilting patterns that was quilted by Alice, (DBA Quilting by ab). Click on any image to enlarge the view.

machine quilting patterns This quilt was a paper pieced quilt top of different shape stars. I actually made this quilt twice for customers and quilted it 3 different times for for other customers. I did custom quilting and the people loved the fill stars I used in some of the blocks.
longarm quilting patterns Stitching samplers are always nice to keep for a reference, for "show and tell" as well as a display for those that need to visualize a design. I had some fun stitching this piece with various trees, leaf patterns, circles, and stippling designs.
quilting designs The lady that created this top did a beautiful job of cross-stitching and wanted me to sew the blocks into a quilt top. I sewed sashing around each block and added a border. The quilting only required a circle design around each print to secure and a fancy leaf design in the sashing.
quilting ideas This quilt was like a strip quilt and needed something special to separate the strips. I alternated the Baptist fan and a butterfly nested with stippling on every over row. The borders show a very large leaf pattern with a small scroll design in the sashing.
machine quilting patterns This 'Crown Royal' quilt was made from a collection of CR bags. Neat, don't you think! A simple cross-hatching stitch was used in the borders and feather designs in the center block. If you look close, you will see my own digitized crown above the words “Crown Royal” in the 4" x 4" squares.
machine quilting patterns Here the top was appliqued with flowers and spaced with plain blocks between. I did a stipple design around each of the appliqued flowers after outlining them. This is always fun because you can be very creative in the plain blocks. Here I used a complimentary flower as my machine quilting designs.
machine quilting patterns The Double Wedding Ring is an old time favorite design that is not only a challenge but very pretty using 30's materials. This quilt was pieced using Quiltsmart templates by Mattie Rhoades. The machine quilting designs was one of Ellen Munnich's @ Quilt Recipes.
quilting ideas Here we see the traditional Dresden Plate alternated with plain blocks which allows some creative quilting by the quilter. The Dresden Plate is filled with stitching and Sunrays on the outside circle with a large flower in the plain blocks.
machine quilting patterns Just look at what an inexpensive quilting design can do for a beautifully pieced quilt. This is a large free flowing edge-to-edge jumbo design that adds a lot of interest to the open white space in the quilt.
machine quilting patterns This is a practice quilt. You have to look hard to realize it is a stamped piece of material. I used a feather border with a single row of crosshatching in the sashing, Celtic knots in the corners of the star block, fill lines in the spaces between star points and a fill star pattern in the large stars.
machine quilting patterns Here is an beautifully appliqued quilt of white dogwoods on a black background trimmed out in yellow. Click on the image to see the beautiful front in full view! I choose a row of dogwoods in the plain strips and quilted around the appliqued leaves and white flowers in the borders.
machine quilting patterns Here is another favorite, "The Lone Star". This quilt had a very pleasing look with a row of stars across the top of the quilt. This quilt was done using a design from Digi Tech. The feathers always add a special touch to any top.
machine quilting patterns This quilt was pieced by my dear friends' granddaughter and have to say she did a beautiful job of piecing and coordinating colors. She was very proud and thrilled with the finished results. I used varigated tread with swirls and squiggles in the sashing and a special square flower design in the star square .
machine quilting patterns Here we see a baby quilt with a baby in a tub filled with bubbles! Therefore it is only fitting that the quilting be bubbles and again this is a design by Ellen Munnich @ Quilt Recipes

As a Professional Quilter my Quilting Designs are stitched using the three main longarm quilting pattern styles:

Pantograph or edge-to-edge quilting: A design quilted from one edge of the quilt to the other, and then repeated is edge-to-edge quilting. A pantograph is often used in borders. Pantograph quilting is generally less expensive than custom quilting.

Custom (or free hand) quilting: This is any design not quilted edge-to-edge. The designs are more intricate and emphasize particular elements such as blocks, section, or borders. Due to more extensive planning and longarm machine set-up, custom quilting using a longarm quilting pattern is more expensive. Many quilters will also use a combination of styles, such as a pantograph on the interior, with a custom design on the border or vice verse.

Heirloom quilting: Heirloom quilting is a more dense and detailed version of custom quilting. Free hand quilted designs, small stippling, echo quilting, intricate feathers, grids and cross hatching, and multiple quilting designs on one top are typical of heirloom quilting.

I offer longarm quilting patterns (DBA Quilting by ab); using my Handi Quilter and PCQuilter computer quilting ...I am able to handle any size top up to a king-size bedspread. I strive to do quality work and treat each quilt top with up-most care.

Please feel free to use our Contact Us page for additional questions.

I also offer piecing of tops for a flat charge depending on the detail of pattern or by the hour.

Pricing is based on the size of your top and the amount of detail required. Prices are calculated by the square inch - length X width X price per square inch.

Want to see just how an expert operator of a Gammill-Statler Stitcher produces edge to edge custom quilting? Kimberly Burke has this skill mastered. Visit Golden Needle Quilting.

Machine Quilting Designs

Quilting A Quilt

Machine Quilting Service

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Crown Royal

CRQt2 Jigsaw PuzzleCRQt2 Jigsaw Puzzle

This is one of many Crown Royal quilts we have made...No, we don't indulge...We buy our Crown Royal bags from E-Bay!


I bought the pattern from you for the Alec's Civil War quilt and it is coming along great. But I have 1 question, did you quilt through the screen printed soldier pictures or just quilted around them. Thank You,

I saw on the yahoo group that you are going to post the pattern.  Thanks!!!  I really like your patterns.  I have already printed out a couple of them.
Mary Susan

This is like being in a candy shop for me. I love quilting, hand quilting that is, and I have looked every were for paterns and designs. Please send me a catalog or a way to order templates etc...Ruby

I am a beginning quilter and find your site great!
 Ken, Ontario

Thanks for a great website. Looking forward to the other Sunbonnet and Sam patterns. My youngest grandson is named Sam so that is my next quilt!
Helen, Georgia

Valentine's Day

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Gee, you really do answer all questions.  The 8-point star pattern is great with very little hassles.  Wish you had it sized for a full size bed.  Sharon, Ohio

Judy from Tennessee says "I really enjoyed viewing your site and learned so much! Will definitely return to learn more.
Thank you for all the 'freebies'

Freda here, WOW! your site is a pleasure to browse through.  Great tips...Keep them coming!

Drunkard's Path

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Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful review and recommendation of our Universal Thread Holder and 'Easy Winder' bobbin winder. It is sew nice to be accepted and acknowledged by the Pro's in this industry.
Thanks again.
John, Florida

Deborah writes:
Love the patterns, thank you so much!

Love your site! So informative! Rosalyn, South Carolina

I find your web site to be very informative...Thanks, Kristi

Wild Thing

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Go ahead and click on him!


Alice, your quilts, to say the least, are a big hit; A HUGE HIT. My mother-in-law, Jeff's mom, was just floored, astounded, and delighted. I took all three quilts for my 67-year-old mother and almost 91-year-old grandmother to look at, both of whom have quilted before, and they were blown away.

They are particularly picky people, too. My grandmother kept saying, "I have never seen anything like this! She knows her stuff!” She even wanted me to take pictures of them to show the family at Easter. They are gorgeous and just so wonderful. That said, I think I am going to ask you to make ONE MORE QUILT for me. Thank you so much again. Website looks wonderful.

I am going to post the pictures on my FB this week along with your website info so people can contact you if they want a quilt too. I know I won't be the only one that will want one! 

Thanks Again, Kim

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