Are Online Quilting Classes in Your Future

Online quilting classes is the next step for completing that stack of beautiful quilt tops you just made.

Quilt tops are totally useless until they are quilted.

You have two choices:

  1. You can either have the tops quilted professionally or
  2.  you can learn how to use your sewing machine to quilt yourself.

Online quilting classes will turn your passion into reality.

Go ahead and take a free look at these online videos!

 Affordable Learning with Online Quilting Classes

Prior to the introduction of the longarm quilting machine...long before digitized patterns were introduced...and only slightly ahead of hand quilting, quilters stumbled upon a way to quilt pieced tops that made the job a whole lot faster than quilting by hand.

But the learning curve wasn’t an easy process!

Using the very machine you used to piece your quilt together to form that beautiful quilt top is all you need to quilt with.

My first experience with machine quilting was embarrassing.  The final results really humbled me.

You quickly realize the only way you learn to quilt is to persevere.

In our quest to make the job easier we found several outstanding online quilting classes that will teach you how to finish those tops without a huge investment of cash.

Videos are a Natural Fit
for Computers and Cell Phones

Some of the best quilting instructors agree with us that videos are the thing of the future for learning to quilt.

Online quilting videos can be stopped at any point; backed up and watched over and over until you get it right.

In fact the video is designed to allow you to watch it again and again until you get the feel and are able to pick up on the rhythm of quilting.

Machine quilting is sort of like learning to dance.

You must develop the feel for allowing the quilt to “float” under the needle without the help of the feed dog pulling it along.

Your two hands become the feed dog. You must become quick and nimble and learn to flow with the design...twist from the waist.

      Being a Good Detective When Quilting.

  • You know how tension can form between two people…it is also true when solving quilting tension problems…this requires you to be a good detective when quilting.
  • Audition your quilting stitches using the right marking pen.
  • Selecting the right batting has everything to do with how your quilt will look.
  • Basting by pinning, by tacking with a gun or using a running stitch to hold it together but basting it is…do not skip this step!
  • Using an industrial quilting machine with an 18-inch throat may not be a practical option for most quilters.
  • Maneuvering a large quilt is doable for a little ole sewing machine.
  • Starting and stopping the right way will hold the stitches in place for centuries to come.
  • Know your feet, the ones that come with your sewing machine, and when and what to use them for.
  • Free-motion quilting uses a darning foot with adjusted pressure on the presser foot and your stitch length set to zero.
  • Free-motion quilting can be done several ways from meandering to stippling to echo and always with the feed dogs lowered.
  • Get comfortable with meander quilting which is a totally free-motion without a traced design. You move your quilt randomly under the needle.
  • Continuous line quilting is the next technique to master…you move your quilt to follow a specific pattern drawn on the quilt top.
  • Machine guided quilting uses a walking foot or dual feed mechanism.
  • Straight line stitching also known as quilting in the ditch is the most basic type of quilting.
  • Stippling and meandering are done by free-motion quilting…using a darning foot. Your lines of stippling should be about 1/8 to 1/4 inch apart for close areas. Meandering is spaced farther apart to fill a larger area.
  • Echo quilting is Free-motion quilting with the feed dogs lowered and a darning foot and easier using a low-loft batting and cotton thread in both your needle and bobbin.

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Gee, you really do answer all questions.  The 8-point star pattern is great with very little hassles.  Wish you had it sized for a full size bed.  Sharon, Ohio

Judy from Tennessee says "I really enjoyed viewing your site and learned so much! Will definitely return to learn more.
Thank you for all the 'freebies'

Freda here, WOW! your site is a pleasure to browse through.  Great tips...Keep them coming!


I bought the pattern from you for the Alec's Civil War quilt and it is coming along great. But I have 1 question, did you quilt through the screen printed soldier pictures or just quilted around them. Thank You,

I saw on the yahoo group that you are going to post the pattern.  Thanks!!!  I really like your patterns.  I have already printed out a couple of them.
Mary Susan

This is like being in a candy shop for me. I love quilting, hand quilting that is, and I have looked every were for paterns and designs. Please send me a catalog or a way to order templates etc...Ruby

I am a beginning quilter and find your site great!
 Ken, Ontario

Thanks for a great website. Looking forward to the other Sunbonnet and Sam patterns. My youngest grandson is named Sam so that is my next quilt!
Helen, Georgia