Tutorial for Quarter Square Triangles

Learning to create quarter square triangles will enhance your ability to create great quilting blocks!

Quilters love easy quarter square blocks because they are so versatile. We’ll break it down for you by various quilting techniques - regular piecing, template piecing, applique piecing, foundation quilting, and paper piecing.

There are many possibilities with the star quilting block! We picked two of our favorites.

star quilt pattern

One made using Quarter Square Triangles which we'll show you how to piece with basic quilting techniques. (no special templates or quilting rulers will be needed).

The second one will be made with the flying geese quilting technique. We'll teach you how to make another version of the versatile star quilt pattern without any special templates or rulers.

Finally, we'll give you ideas for laying out the versatile Star blocks, plus ideas for using various quilting rulers and templates. We'll even make suggestions on how to make your "Star" shine.

How many star patterns are there? The best answer is many...all that have been created and some yet to be created.

You will quickly realize, if you do any reading at all about quilting patterns, any given quilting block will have several different names. We thought the ‘Variable Star‘ was the most common.

The 8-pointed star, also known as radiant star or Houston star, to name a few, seems to be one of the most common star quilt blocks.

Take a look at the pattern we created for you. While this is not a beginner pattern you will soon be able to tackle it.

It is not hard once you learn the terms and techniques.

The Variable Star can even feature Flying Geese. You can turn the center block into a modified Nine Patch. Sort of like the feed sacks you knew as a kid.

Maybe not you, but I'm old enough to remember this.

Study a nine patch block to understand the structure of this block.

The one dominate cut in a star quilting block is the quarter square triangle. You can move the colors around to achieve different designs.

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Free Tutorial for Quarter Square Triangles

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by connecting-threads.com

  1. FREE Lesson - Stars - Intro to Stars
  2. FREE Lesson - Stars - QST Variable Stars
  3. FREE Lesson - Stars - Flying Geese Variable Stars 

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