Recommended Quilt Products
for Guaranteed Success

In our years of experience with various quilt products, we have some great stories to tell and then there are a few not so great. 

The quilting industry is ancient when you think about all the quilts that hang in museums.

Knowing How To Get The Best Quilt Products

It has only been in the last thirty years or so that I have witnessed many improvements in the quality of quilt products, quilting tools and quilting machines.

There are hundreds of small gadgets that make quilting fun and easy.

As you might imagine, when any product is tested you first form a judgment on how easy it is to use.

Then you might consider how handy, reliable and yes even how cheap they are for the return on your dollar.

There are thousands of quilt products to choose from; maybe we can help you cut to the chase by sharing what has worked for us over time.

If you're looking for products that will return the best results you should really check these out...

They will enhance your experience with quilting projects and give you more knowledge on which quilt product that will allow you to build and develope your skills.

1st Choice on Thread Holder

Thread Holder

Better Made - Easy to Use

I know, there are several home remedies such as a mason jar to stabilize the thread as you sew. But this quilting tool is a well-made thread stand designed to correct and enhance your quilting stitches even more.

You can see a full review of the Universal Thread Holder made right here in the USA!

Olfa Rotary Cutter

1st Choice on Rotary Cutter

Rotary Cutter

Easy on the Wrist

The Olfa cutter will work with you, not against you. This company is quick with their techniques to keep you safe. They now have a single click replacement blade!

You can see a full review of the Olfa ergonomic Rotary Cutter that is an absolute necessary tool for quilting.

Artograph Lighttracer2 light box

How to Trace using a lite box

Lite Box

Complex Tracing Made Easy

Look for a box with a large illuminated surface when deciding on a lite box. It should also have a slanted acrylic tracing surface!

We share tools with our artist friends. The Artograph Lite Box allow us to trace designs...take a look.

Tool for foundation piecing!

Specialty ruler!


Specialty Ruler for Paper Piecing

This ruler automatically adds the "right amount" of a seam allowance for all your paper piecing projects. It comes in an eighth inch too. You can't paper piece without it!

Our evaluation of this Add-A-Quarter Inch ruler is among the best quilt products that I have. Treat yourself to this handy tool that is easy to use...take a look.

The applique pressing sheet!

Applique pressing sheet!

Applique Pressing Sheet

Multipurpose Pressing Sheet

This reusable, double sided, multipurpose quilt product is ideal for your applique projects. You'll thank me over and over for this one!

Our evaluation on the Applique Pressing Sheet may answer any questions you might have right here!

Falling in love with the pressing sheet is Easy! You won't know how you got along without it...a must have tool.

A fold up lite!

Ott lites in many sizes!

Ott Lite

Desk Top Ott Lite

For a light weight, absolutely day-time brightness, and portable too; you can't beat the desk top ott lite!

Our evaluation on the Ott Lite may answer any questions you might have right here!

The Ott Lite was made for quilters. Especially for those of us that have poor vision...also known as cataracts! We can prove it by the number of lights we own!

Quilt shop directory on the go!

Quilt shop directory!

Quilters' Travel Companion

Quilt Shop Directory

Have you ever felt hopelessly lost when traveling around this great country? This is a must have companion for finding all the quilting stores along the way. Then it won't matter that you are lost!

Our evaluation on the Quilters' Travel Companion may answer questions that you might have right here!

This book has a permanent place in my car when I go shop serves as my very own GPS!

All in one reference tool!

Quilters Reference Tool!

All In One Quilters Reference Tool

Handy Quilters Reference Tool

This handy Quilters Reference Tool is well laid out with many charts and diagrams for instant use...all right at your fingertips!

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Digitized Motifs

Find fun digitized motifs in our great selection of many machine quilting patterns.

Digitized Line Patterns

Try one of our Continuous Line Digitized Quilting Designs

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