Affordable Quilting Tables 

Quilting tables with an abundance of storage and inexpensive to own is always a good addition to your sewing room.

For my sewing room furniture I use two bedroom dressers positioned so that I can walk around all four sides when cutting and assemblying my quilt pieces.

quilting table

I rescued one of the units from my neighbor at no cost and the other I picked up at a yard sale for well under $100. All scratch and dents were taken care of with a stain stick.

This makes a perfect piece of sewing room furniture that will add a great deal of sewing room organization with an orderly structure.

The two units measure 3 1/2-foot wide by 5 1/2-foot long when placed back to back.

I then added a piece of 3/4-inch plywood cut to the same exact size to make the top a solid surface.

It is important to use 3/4-inch ply so that it does not warp! My sewing room is in the basement where there is a bit more moisture to contend with.

A Neat Tip: If you are NOT handy with tools, get your lumber yard to cut the plywood to the exact size you need.

They can round off the four corners too. If the two dressers are not exactly the same height, ask the lumber yard to retro-fit a fill board to make both units exactly the same height.

Make sure the plywood does not extend out over the quilting table top. To do so would impede your view when accessing the content in the drawers.

quilting tables

Ergonomics is the science of adapting the quilters working conditions to the needs of the quilter's comfort level.

A quilter's relationship to their sewing room furniture plays a vital role in just how long one can quilt at any one time.

Quilting tables can contribute to back, shoulder and head pain. Why not prevent these problems by making a few adjustments.

If the tabletop is too low, naturally you will be forced to bend over to cut fabric; if it's too high, you will be raising your shoulders to cut your fabric.

We show you tables that were rescued from a hotel liquidation sale and are the perfect height and size for all your sewing machines and computers.

You can control carpal tunnel syndrome or aggravate the situation...simply by the decisions you make when selecting a quilting table.

The relationship between the height of the working table and the height of the arms is critical. Your arms should be relaxed and bent at the elbows.

Test the height by resting your hands and arms on the table surface without bending or reaching.

Sewing Room Furniture
with a Personal Taste

quilting tables

Ever wonder why your kitchen cabinets are designed to be 36-inches high? Unless you are extremely tall, this is the perfect height for working in the kitchen preparing meals, doing the dishes or even doing routine office type functions like opening the daily mail or sorting and collating your bills for payment. Something we all like to do, right?

Another idea is to consider using base cabinets as a cutting table. Place three units on one side backed by three more units and toped with a piece of 3/4-inch plywood, much like we did with the dressers. This makes a very functional cutting table for your sewing room furniture.

Quilting room furniture does not havae to be expensive. It does, however, have to be durable. I have a laminated press-board cabinet that cost over $700 and it has fallen apart.  I'll take this second hand units any day!

The Most Functional Quilting Table

Sullivans Board Overlay, 59x22x1, White

One of the most functional quilting tables is the ironing table. There are several versions. No matter which kind of board you use it must have some type of padding and a fitted cover.

The cover material will range from cotton, Teflon, or one of the foam or fiberglass specialty covers.

Teflon and fiberglass covers tend to reflect the heat so that both sides of the fabric are pressed at the same time. This requires less heat and is more efficient.

A traditional stand-alone ironing board can be retro-fitted with a larger independent board that lays on top of the ironing board to expand your surface into a quilting table.

This type of a top tends to improve the sewing room organization by creating a freestanding surface on which to showcase fabrics for small wall hangings before you actually cut and sew.
Because it is a stand-alone quilting table with all sides open, you can also drape larger pieces of fabric without being obstructed.

The type shown here is freestanding and requires dedicated floor space. An alternative can be a lightweight portable ironing surface that sits on the top of a cabinet, table or cutting board and is very portable.

To make, start with a piece of plywood cut-to-size;  then cover with a layer of cotton batting, a cotton towel, and top with Teflon fabric which you can find at JOANN's fabric and craft stores using one of their famous 40-percent off coupons.

As a sidebar, get on their mailing list as soon as possible as they have very good deals on lots and lots of quilting supplies!

Now back to covering our board; secure all three layers of coverings on the back with a staple gun. This can be customized to fit any surface you have such as a side table.

Remember it is portable and can be tucked away when not in use. What better way to keep your sewing room organized than that?


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