Cheap Sewing Room Furniture

The best sewing room furniture provides unique quilt display ideas, quilt wall hangers, quilt stands and quilt ladders.

Your sewing room will need an abundance of organization for all the quilting supplies and stash that you will accumulate.

But storage does not have to be pricey.

Look for damaged base unit cabinets, watch for sales or contact a contractor and ask them to keep you in mind when installing their next kitchen job.

sewing room storage

They haul all tear-out units to the dump!

The right sewing room furniture may force you to downsize all your 'stuff'.

In the process of getting organized remember there are charitable organizations and quilting groups that will turn your donated fabric into quilts for a Quilt of Valor  to our military service members that keep us safe day in and day out.

Most quilting groups honor their philanthropy pledge for causes that help mankind.

I challenge any group to seek out a quilts of valor drop site and donate a quilt.

Better yet, contact us and we can tell you where to ship your quilts and then post your group's picture along with a picture of the quilt to show our warriors how much we appreciate them; please contact us, we need your help with this one!

Sewing Room Furniture With Storage!

My base cabinets are second hand kitchen cabinet units.

Most base cabinets have drawers and make an excellent way to store small quilting tools. Others have shelves for larger storage.

My son is a cabinet maker so when he installs new cabinets he discards all the old items.

Often the units are fairly nice cabinets and work well in a sewing room once they are cleaned up and spray painted, if necessary.

You most likely will need to buy counter tops to fit on the cabinet units which for me was my only out of pocket expense.

Sometimes you can pick up scratch and dent bargains in the counter top area also. Or simply have a piece of plywood cut to fit.

Find a friendly cabinet maker in your area. Generally, they are more than happy for you to take the cabinets off their hands and sometimes counter tops too.

Most land fills charge to dump which is an added expense for the contractor. Let him help in solving your sewing room furniture layout.

Also watch for hotel liquidation sales. Some of their items work well in a sewing room. Don't hesitate to visit second hand shops or yard sales for ideas too.

Make Over Storage Cabinet
Can Be Eye Catching!

This third generation cabinet sat in the garage for years. It had a good amount of dirt and grime on it. I decided to rescue it with a good sanding and coat of paint plus I added a set of rollers for ease in moving the unit around in my sewing room.

This cabinet added to my sewing room furniture gave me hope so I then decided to apply the famous 'One Stroke' painting technique that Donna Dewberry developed. It's a keeper now!

The newly found piece of sewing room furniture proves to be the best sewing room organization unit ever and it was right under my nose.

I use the unit for storing pieces of fabric larger than a fat quarter.  I fold each piece of fabric the same size by using a template as a guide.

This unit is good for another 50 years. The fourth generation can decide its fate! So, look around at yard sales, second hand stores and even your in-law's house for a jewel in disguise.

sewing room organization

Have you heard about the product called 'Mini Bolts? It is a product made in the USA by Polar Notions.

They are fabulous for making all your fabrics uniform looking plus they nearly double the amount of fabric you can store in the same amount of space.

Look for them at most quilt shows! or click above to visit their web site.

Sewing Room Furniture is a Personal Choice

sewing room organization

Have you ever wondered what to do with that beautiful piece of furniture that the big screen television forced out?

Well, here is a perfect solution. Fill the entertainment center with all those beautiful quilts you have made or will be making.

You can even close the doors on the unit to protect against the three enemies, light, heat and moisture.

When the unit has a sentimental value you simply give the piece a different son made mine for my birthday!

Since the very beginning, quilts have been an essential part of our culture.

Today quilts have become more than a bed cover. The country look in home decor is particularly responsible for getting quilts off the beds and onto our walls.

An eye appealing show n' tell quilt display is only limited to your imagination.

Utilizing quilt frames, quilt hangers, quilt ladders and even pieces of refurbished furniture are all wonderful ways to allow others to rant and rave about your quilts.

If you choose to enter any of your quilts in a quilt show, you will be given exact instructions on how to hang a quilt by adding a hanging sleeve to the back of your quilt.

Or better yet, let us show you how with our well spelled out directions!

No need to re-invent the wheel here, just go ahead and follow our is an easy addition to all quilts that you wish to display.

Adding the right sleeve, the right way, provides a means of support that is sturdy and will distribute the weight evenly so as not to allow the quilt to pull out of shape and become distorted

quilt wall  hanger

Once you add a hanging sleeve to a quilt, the quilt can be enjoyed anywhere in your home and can even be switched out to match the seasons, holidays or when you redecorate.

Choosing which quilt to hang is harder than actually hanging the quilt.

This technique will bring all your quilts out of the closet and onto your walls and add luster to your sewing room furniture.

Quilts are no longer confined to the bedrooms.

You can insert a dowel rod which should be about an inch longer than the sleeve, but shorter than the quilt.

You can set the dowel ends on small nails to get an instant work of art.

Another easy option is to insert a thin metal curtain rod through the hanging sleeve. Use the cafe rod style with a brass finish decorative caps on the ends.

You can rest the rod on nails or use the brackets that come with the rods.

quilt display

There are a large array of wooden quilt holders, wooden quilt stands or racks to choose from.

They are designed to evenly support quilts safely and add a lot of class to your beautiful quilts.

This holder was made by Bope's Custom Woodworking and the square rod goes through the sleeve which has been attached to the back of the quilt.

After feeding the sleeve onto the rod you then place the ends of the rod in the cut out part of the shelf.

The shelf is secured to the wall with hanging grommets that hang on nails.

This type quilt holder is designed for a predetermined size quilt. In this case the holder will accomodate a quilt from 32 to 36 inches.

quilt wall hanger

There are plenty of quilt shops, mail-order quilt catalogs and web sites that offer quilt holders.

They come in both finished or unfinished and are sized to fit different quilts.

The quilt slides between two strips of wood that are mounted to the wall.

Adjustable screws let you tighten the pieces of wood to grip the top edge of the quilt to hold it gently in place.

Sewing Room Furniture With Nostalgia!

sewing room furniture

I am a hand quilter and use my Mother's quilting frame. This 2-rail roller type frame requires a bit of floor space but my area is big enough to accommodate it.

Alice is a machine quilter and uses a longarm machine which requires an equal amount of dedicated space.

Here, take a look at some of her Machine Quilting Patterns and a few Continuous Line Quilting patterns.

Both frames require 4 to 6 additional feet of space in order to maneuver around all four sides.

A 2-rail type quilting frame adds to the nostalgia of the room. Plus I like antiques and can't imagine my sewing room furniture without Mother's 2-Rail Roller frame.

I leave it up all the time and quilt whenever I have time. If I'm not quilting I relax the rails slightly and then it becomes a handy place to lay 'stuff' when piecing another quilt.

sewing room furniture

When I remember how my Mother's sewing area looked it hardly seems possible that she was so productive.

In a small corner of her bedroom she kept her treadle Singer Sewing Machine.

Right beside the sewing cabinet she kept her cedar chest. In the chest she kept all her fabric and any tools that would not fit in the cabinet drawers.

That's it! That's all there was to her sewing room! But yet she was able to sew for ten of us.

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Cheap Sewing Room Furniture!

Sewing Room Furniture

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Cheap Sewing Room Furniture!

Sewing Room Furniture