Terms and Conditions Copyright Material

Please be sure you understand our terms and conditions when using our patterns.

WARNING - many systems now offer software to convert our pattern files and remove all copyright and comments.

While it is inconvenient for the user, if this is the case, you MUST retain the picture of the pattern file and the NOTES file as a companion to the file you convert.

This is so you will have a copy of any special instructions that are in the pattern files and have all the copyright info.

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for files that do not correctly convert.  Our pattern files work perfectly on all systems listed below and are professionally formatted to do so!

Please Respect Our Terms and Conditions

I can't say it strong enough but please be sure you understand our terms and conditions before using our patterns.

The following systems are DIRECTLY supported and there is no need to convert.  All these formats also contain embedded copyright and notes.  In some cases, all the notes cannot be displayed, so it is important that you keep the enclosed NOTES file with the patterns:

  • Compuquilter - *.cqp file
  • HQ Fusion ProStitcher or Shirley Stitcher - *.hqf file or *.qli file  or  *.txt file  
  • MQR (Machine Quilting Robot) - *.mqr file 
  • Quilting Solutions Side Saddle - *.ssd file 
  •  PC Quilter - *.txt file 
  •  Cad file - *.dxf file 
  •  Statler Stitcher - *.qli file 
  • QBot- *.plt file

Quilting-Tidbits Terms and Conditions 

The enclosed patterns are Copyrighted 2009-2019 by Alice Boothe. Please familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of our patterns before using them. Our official website is Quilting-Tidbits

Please address any questions regarding copyright or report violations to info@quilting-tidbits.com.

LICENSEE - The licensee shall be a SINGLE INDIVIDUAL purchaser or their agent who is an actual person and not a corporate, business or organizational identity which would be comprised of multiple users. 

NOTICE - Patterns may not be duplicated with or without modification and used for any other purposes than explicitly described below in the licensed terms of use.  The copyright notice may not legally be removed from the pattern regardless of whether or not patterns are otherwise modified.  Patterns MAY BE MODIFIED to suit the needs of the licensee when quilting, but only for this purpose.

EXCEPTION - If the copyright MUST be removed to allow for the file to function, the licensee must retain the image file provided with the pattern, retain the name of the pattern when converting and keep the image supplied by Alice Boothe in the same folder as the converted pattern AT ALL TIMES.  It is also recommended but not required that the licensee retains the TXT version of the file so that they have access to the comments on how to use the pattern file.

LICENSED TERMS OF USE - Patterns may be used to quilt an unlimited number of personal objects EXCLUSIVELY by the licensee or their agent. If used in quilts or quilted items for resale, display and/or contest purposes, a credit for the quilting design must be given to Quilting-Tidbits and/or Alice Boothe on the documentation (not necessarily the label) displayed with the quilt or quilted item and in documentation supplied to the organizers/sponsors of the display and/or to the purchaser. The licensee is encouraged to use patterns to quilt for others in a cottage industry style business which performs custom quilting. However, in no way may licensee advertise that the Patterns are "theirs".

The Licensee may not put patterns on a "machine for hire" or in any other place that would allow anyone but the LICENSEE access to said patterns.  IF licensee wishes to enter into the manufacture of goods using the enclosed patterns, they must consult with Quilting-Tidbits and/or Alice Boothe regarding royalty fees.  Licensee may use images of the patterns on their website or in other advertising material provided that credit for the designs are clearly given, to Quilting-Tidbits.com.

Licensee may not display the images any larger than they are displayed on Quilting-Tidbits.com.  Please use the GIFS and JPGS as provided on the website, or that are enclosed with the pattern.

General Pattern Read Me File

This pattern may be provided in multi-format for various systems.  Please be sure to read the enclosed Terms and Conditions of Patterns  file (above) if you have not already so that you understand our copyright!  In addition, you might find the "Which File Should I Use for My System" also handy.

You should not use a smaller size and make it bigger by more than 150%.  Generally speaking, you should use the larger one and make it smaller!  Some users report that they can resize patterns quite large (200 - 250%), but we suggest that you stitch out a sample first when resizing by such a large amount, either large to small or small to large! 

PLEASE call us if you ever experience any difficulties.  We will be happy to assist you with any of our patterns!  Thanks.

Alice Boothe - Pattern Designer
865-428-6952 (Eastern Time)

Machine Quilting Patterns

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Continuous Line Quilting

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Easy Quilt Patterns

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I bought the pattern from you for the Alec's Civil War quilt and it is coming along great. But I have 1 question, did you quilt through the screen printed soldier pictures or just quilted around them. Thank You,

I saw on the yahoo group that you are going to post the pattern.  Thanks!!!  I really like your patterns.  I have already printed out a couple of them.
Mary Susan

This is like being in a candy shop for me. I love quilting, hand quilting that is, and I have looked every were for paterns and designs. Please send me a catalog or a way to order templates etc...Ruby

I am a beginning quilter and find your site great!
 Ken, Ontario

Thanks for a great website. Looking forward to the other Sunbonnet and Sam patterns. My youngest grandson is named Sam so that is my next quilt!
Helen, Georgia


Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful review and recommendation of our Universal Thread Holder and 'Easy Winder' bobbin winder. It is sew nice to be accepted and acknowledged by the Pro's in this industry.
Thanks again.
John, Florida

Deborah writes:
Love the patterns, thank you so much!

Love your site! So informative! Rosalyn, South Carolina

I find your web site to be very informative...Thanks, Kristi


Gee, you really do answer all questions.  The 8-point star pattern is great with very little hassles.  Wish you had it sized for a full size bed.  Sharon, Ohio

Judy from Tennessee says "I really enjoyed viewing your site and learned so much! Will definitely return to learn more.
Thank you for all the 'freebies'

Freda here, WOW! your site is a pleasure to browse through.  Great tips...Keep them coming!


Alice, your quilts, to say the least, are a big hit; A HUGE HIT. My mother-in-law, Jeff's mom, was just floored, astounded, and delighted. I took all three quilts for my 67-year-old mother and almost 91-year-old grandmother to look at, both of whom have quilted before, and they were blown away.

They are particularly picky people, too. My grandmother kept saying, "I have never seen anything like this! She knows her stuff!” She even wanted me to take pictures of them to show the family at Easter. They are gorgeous and just so wonderful. That said, I think I am going to ask you to make ONE MORE QUILT for me. Thank you so much again. Website looks wonderful.

I am going to post the pictures on my FB this week along with your website info so people can contact you if they want a quilt too. I know I won't be the only one that will want one! 

Thanks Again, Kim