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Universal Thread Holder

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Superior Threads Cone Thread Holder




  • Universal Sewing Machine & Serger Stand Alone Thread Stand
  • Excellent for machines with horizontal thread holders
  • Enables thread cone or spool to stand vertically
  • No Tangles, Unwinds Easily
  • Cast Iron weighted Base, all metal construction

This Spool Holder is a quilt product that I just happened onto. It caught my attention when I realized the amount of experience and development work that went into this quilt product.

It is hand crafted right here in the USA and makes a wonderful new addition to your quilting room.

Even if you are not a quilter your sewing machine will function so much better when your thread flows from the cone, through the holder and then to your sewing machine needle.

The main purpose of using a spool holder is to make sure the machine quilting thread or sewing machine thread flows evenly without kinks or twists to the machine needle.

Uneven distribution, restrictions or obstructions will cause uneven and irregular stitches. And maybe even produce enough tension to cause the needle to break.

Pros and Cons of Using a Thread Holder


  • The machine quilting thread flows off the spool with no resistance, snags or tangles which is why gravity holds it in place.
  • It is designed to be free standing (vertically or horizontally). You get the height needed to clear the top of your machine by passing your machine quilting thread through the guide wire.
  • The spool holder comes with the correct size spool caps. The holder had a cone thread adaptor which holds the cone in place as you sew.
  • Once you hook it up you will see what a difference it makes to your sewing stitches.
  • It has both a FAQ section as well as a prompt email support system for any questions you may have. This company knows all about customer service.


  • Order one for each sewing machine. Otherwise you will be moving the unit from machine to machine...yes, it is that good.

The Verdict:

  • If you typically need a lot of help smoothing out your sewing stitches this particular quilt product delivers on almost every front. I give it a five-star rating!
Click To Get Your Hands On The Ultimate Thread Holder!
Superior Threads 27449-DLX Alphasew Cone Thread Holder

What The Thread Holder Can Do:

  • Spool holders can be used in the horizontal or vertical position
  • Spool holders are free standing
  • Spool holders can accommodate different type spools of thread
  • The machine quilting thread will not hand up as it pulls off the cone or spool
  • Allows you to use specialized threads very effectively and easily
  • You get a cone adapter to hold the cone on the spoon pin
  • Sewing machines have limitations for handling the many sizes of spools available today but the spool holder is nearly unlimited in the size of cone thread you can use

Easy Bobbin Winder

The Easy Bobbin Winder with Spool Thread Stand for Sewing Brother, Babylock, Singer, Janome, Automatic Thread Sewing Machine Accessory for Bobbin Winding with Long Power Cord Easy Assembly

The Easy Winder is used to wind most of your bobbins, big and small alike.

The unit Runs on AC power 110 V, start/stop button and light indicators makes it easy to operate, automatically turns off when bobbin is full. 

It is small enough to fit in your quilting bag so it can travel with you.

The easy winder works in conjunction with the thread holder above.

What The Easy Winder Can Do:

  • Will wind most bobbins, big and small alike, in just a few seconds.
  • Easy winder is portable and Runs on AC power 110 V.
  • You get a precision wind, every time.
  • No more unthreading the sewing machine to wind a bobbin.
  • Quiet running, no tension adjustment needed, has a thread cutter, and extremely fast.

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